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Download T.A.L.U. Brochure
Download T.A.L.U. Brochure

For 50+ years Broens has specialised in delivering high value, innovative and sustainable GSE solutions from its world-class manufacturing facilities. Our products are proven to exceed military requirements, delivering exceptional quality, low maintenance and trusted performance.

Broens SA is the manufacturer of the world renowned Truck Aircraft Loading Unit (T.A.L.U) and Truck Aircraft Side Loading Unit (T.A.S.L.U). Broens SA's military aircraft loaders were the first air transportable aircraft loaders developed in conjuntion with the RAAF to minimise aircraft downtime. 

  • Aircraft ground support and specialist equipment:
  • Broad range of OEM Licensed engine tooling ,transportation & handling systems
  • Recgonised world-wide for quality, durability and performance
  • Dedicated assembly and test facility
  • Repair, maintenance
  • Overhaul and inspection
  • Precision fitting
  • Fabrication and assembly services by specialist technicians.

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Aircraft Engine Dolly & Stand

The Broens IAE 1N20001, IAE 1N20004, IAE1N20005, IAE1N20006 Inlet Cowl Dolly & Stand Left & Right is specifically designed and engineered by Broens to accommodate all IAE engines for local/shop rigging, storage and transport.

The Inlet cowl is secured by adjustable straps and rubber padding ensuring total protection of the Cowl. The Dolly is specifically engineered to ensure easy positioning by hand.

Aircraft Engine Stand & Dolly   Aircraft Engine Dolly   Aircraft Engine Stand & Dolly

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