Our values underpin our culture and guide how we work and how we behave. They have been developed by our people at every site and at every level and are a true reflection of what our people think.

Safety - We want our people to go home safely everyday!

Safety is our first priority and Broens SA is committed to providing a safe workplace and ensuring every employee can go home safely and without harm at the end of their work day.

Teamwork - We can achieve more by working together!

The biggest successes come from working together with workmates and customers.

Passion - We are keen to succeed!

Passion is what drives us and our company forward. It brings with it determination, perseverance and a sense of urgency.

Accountability - We will work hard to deliver what we promise!

Taking personal accountability for our actions and results begins and ends with the individual and requires every person to meet the expectations of their workmates, supervisors, managers and customers.

Our Values